Global warming - opportunity or threat for Jersey?

New year - new resolution. What's yours for 2007? The annual crystal ball-gazing by the media that seems to take place around the turn of the year, focused even more than usual on our environment and the impact of global warming. Whether it be icebergs floating off New Zealand or the re-emergence of El Nino, the impact of the way we abuse our planet is higher up the agenda than ever. UK pointy-heads have predicted that 2007 will be the warmest year ever recorded.

So could this be an opportunity for Jersey's tourism industry? A key plank of our tourism marketing is the natural beauty and relative unspoilt nature of our island. However contrast this with the somewhat disturbing statistic that (according to our Environment Dept) Jersey has the highest level of car-ownership in the world! The same department has put in place a list of priorities and actions - you can read a copy of the report 'The State of Jersey' here.

Scanning through the Locumconsulting report, I could not find any direct reference to the environment and our ability to build on our 'greenness'. Surely Green Lanes, Durrell & RAMSAR sites provide a platform for a strong marketing message? But what can individual operators and accommodation providers do? How about tour operators adding a charge to their prices to cover the impact of clients flying to Jersey? How many hoteliers use low-energy light bulbs?

Global warming - do you think we should take it seriously or is it just a load of hot air?


Anonymous said...

When it comes to actually doing something about global warming, the first thing that people should do is think about the car they drive.

Anybody who drives a large 4x4 should not say anything about what other people are doing to the world.

If you drive a large 4x4 you should ask yourself "why am I doing it?" Is it because you are insecure or just plain arrogant.

Don't just talk about global warming - do something about it and dump your gas guzzler. You don't need an all terrain vehicle in Jersey!

Paul Acton-Phillips said...

Further to the recent comments about Mr. Blair's carbon offset for his flights to Florida, is there any mileage (sorry for the pun) in promoting Jersey as a low carbon cost destination?