Jersey - Heathrow to be reinstated!

The best news so far this year! BMI (the grown up version of BmiBaby who currently operate to Jersey) are going to recommence flights from Heathrow to Jersey. 2 flights a day are due to start operating in March using an Airbus.

This is fantastic news for the industry - the international connections through Heathrow are so much better than Gatwick and should enable Jersey Tourism to boost our international visits, as well as putting Jersey back on the map in West London.

The official announcement is due tomorrow, but to read more about it look at Channel TV's online article


Anonymous said...

Is this posted by the same person who took the mick out of the various individuals responsible for this success (ie civil servants and politicians) in his hilarity of an effort of a Christmas Carol.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Clearly someone in the Tourism Department has had a sense of humour failure. Lighten up guys!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news and needs to be shouted out far and loud...if necessary commission a ruddy Christmas carol if it gets the job done. Move on - let's get the Paris route sorted!

PS Robert - I thought your Christmas Carol was great - hope you've got something lined up for the Liberation Festival to replace our celebrated national anthem 'Ma Normandie'