The Blob is back!

I thought it had all gone a bit quiet around the new Jersey brand. Following the dreadful response to the first design (is it a bird, is it a plane or is it just a gold blob?) from just about everyone, it was back to the drawing board for the design team.

Now, according to the JEP, a further £30k has been spent on researching what I assume is a revised identity. A research company delighting in the name of Voodoo carried out research amongst various interest groups before Christmas and now according to David de Carteret, Head of Tourism, the new logo is ready for Ministers' approval at a meeting on January 12th.

I don't know what the new image looks like, or indeed if it has changed very much from the last one. I can't get hold of a copy of either version so am unable to share it with you. However the original image bears some striking similarities to a well known soap brand shown here. There seemed to be a bit of difficulty with the original slogan 'Life enriching', as it made us all out to be fat cats. Personally I did not have a problem with this line, but we may not have to wait too long to find out if it has been replaced.

Given that the whole thing has already cost the taxpayer £200k, let's hope it's acceptable to everyone. I sensed a note of frustration in David de C.'s comment when asked what would happen if it wasn't given the nod. 'I don't know what we shall do', he said! Sounds like this could be his own voodoo.


Anonymous said...

Exactly my sentiments. The gold association is so ill conceived. There was no fundamental change required to the fontstyle and design of the 'logo' and the miniscule difference between the jersey logo of the last few years and the one used on the awards for acheviement, the change in the 'new' logo is almost non-existent aside from there desire to add a lump of gold to it. A collosal waste of money. Yes, jersey's tourism industry needs re-invigorating but this is just a waste of time and money.

David Warr said...

Take a look at the Warr on Words blog about the latest Tourism brochures