Jersey Tourism's Christmas Carol

With apologies to the composers of Good King Wenceslas!

Good King Ozouf last spoke out
At the Tourism drinks do
When the trade stood round about
Red of cheek and squiffo
Brightly spoke he of next year
Though GST is looming
‘Let us be of good cheer,
For our industry is blooming.’

‘Hither, Mike King, stand by me
To stop them from rebelling.
Yonder peasant, who is he?
Where and what his dwelling?’
‘Sire, his name is Julian Green
He lives up at the airport.
Where there are no taxi cabs
Or low cost flights to Europe.’

‘Bring me cruise ships by the score,
Bring me golf courses hither.
Thou and I must make sure
Jersey Tourism delivers.’
King and Ozouf forth they went
Forth they went together
Riding on a Battle float
Provided by tax-payers

‘Sire, hotels are empty now
And the mood grows darker.
Arrivals are down, I know not why,
I can go no longer.’
‘Stay with me, Welshman proud
For I know what to do
We’ll attract the Cosmo. crowd
To start us off anew.’

In his master’s steps Mike trod,
‘Tho uncertain of his plan.
Crossed his fingers and thanked God
it’s not The Isle of Man!
Therefore, Jersey men, be sure
Hotel- or guest-house owning
The future is in your hands
So stop your b***dy moaning!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a blogging good 2007!


Gary said...

An extremely interesting and informative blog. I'd like to pose a question - how can we further develop education and training to support the tourism industry

Jersey Tourism & Hospitality Industry Blog said...

Good Question, Gary. One of the main challenges in our industry is encouraging young local talent to consider tourism as a career. Unfortunately we cannot compete with the salaries offered in finance and many school leavers and graduates are not surprisingly attracted by the rewards.
As far as more general training is concerned I know schemes such as the JHA Beinv'nue scheme have been reasonably successful but perhaps there are others out there who would like to comment