Good Month/Bad Month - November

Good Month

  • Bureaucrats - more red tape for them to feed on than ever before. They say bureaucrats like to cut red tape.....length ways.
  • Fans of Wales and er...Luton as Thomsonfly announce new daily flights to both Cardiff & the home of The Hatters from May 2007.
  • The Atlantic Hotel - winners of an outstanding service award from a national guide. Will the Michelin man be adding his seal of approval to Ocean in 2007?
  • Christmas light manufacturers - St Helier challenges Blackpool's Illuminations for the highest electricity bill.

  • Bad Month

  • Scarf & glove manufacturers - Jersey records it's warmest autumn in over 100 years
  • Battle of Flowers Association - loses almost £100k despite receiving £190k in taxpayers money
  • Senator Ozouf - gets a rap over the knuckles from The States for stumping up an additional £95k for The Battle,against the advice of his own team.
  • The Waterfront - David Crossland withdraws from the project. Let's hope we do not lose his knowledge and expertise for future projects. We need people like DC involved in Tourism.
  • And finally - Hotel promotion of the year. A Sicilian hotel consortium is offering a free weekend to any couple who conceive a child at one of their hotels. The catch - the proud parents have only 8-10 months to claim their prize & have to bring their little bundle of joy with them as proof!
  • This completes the first week of this blog. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Please keep checking back & forward the link to others you think may be interested.

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    James Allen said...

    Hi Robert - just a note to say congrats on the blog - great content so far...provocative, questioning and enthusiastic - great qualities for a blog.

    The only negative (which is not your doing) - it's a shame you have so many 'anonymous' commenters - hopefully as time goes on people more will be prepared to put their names to opinions.

    Loot forward to contributing more over the coming months...