To PPP or not to PPP? That is the Question.

I believe this is going to be the hot topic in 2007. One of the problems with Jersey's tourism industry is that it is led by civil servants. I met a civil servant once - he wrote a report about it. Seriously though they may well be bright and committed, but would they recognise a balance sheet if they tripped over it in the street? I think not. The buzz phrase now is 'integrated partnership approach' or a public private partnership to you and me. Merging the entrepreneurial skills of the commercial world with government funding to create a dynamic marketing organisation that can literally take on the world. Just look at New Zealand, who with 100% Pure have created one of the most successful destination marketing campaigns of the new century. They operate as a formalised public private partnership.

A PPP is nothing new for Jersey - The Jersey Conference Bureau has been operating along these lines for years now, and Jersey Finance goes from strength to strength operating as a PPP. OK it might cost the private sector a bit more, but having a stake in Jersey Tourism plc means a greater opportunity to hold the managers to account and take action if 'the business' is not performing.

Rita Rudner said 'Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They have experienced pain and bought jewellery.' I haven't been brave enough to have my ears (or anything else!) pierced, but I think I'm ready to get hitched to government. We work better as a team.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand is perhaps not the best example - lets be honest their assets far outstrip those of Jersey. And yes that does include the wine! Better examples would be the Islands weekend break competitors such as the Mersey Partnership, Marketing Birmingham, The Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, Bath Tourism Plus, the English Riviera Tourist Board to name a few. Why are these models more successful than the model of Tourism?

Jersey Tourism & Hospitality Industry Blog said...

Good point - the key point remains truehowever - PPP's work infinitely better than a purely government funded and managed organisation.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right the sooner that Tourism is a PPP the better, I think your comments about the civil servants that work there are a bit harsh though, my experience is that mostly they are bright, enthusiastic and committed. However they are mere pawns in the political landscape especially at election time, when votes are the over riding focus not our business. They too are victims of government bureaucracy and political infighting, how much time did they have to waste on the new logo and other bright ideas from politicians?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how serious the States are in taking this forward but they could look at almost any example in the document prepared for the Canadian Tourism Commission and World Toursim Organization -

Important to note that PPP's can be public/private partnerships, public/public partnerships, or private/private partnerships - personally I think the latter is very evident in our industry locally and is very successful!