Conference & Event Centre - You decide!

In my previous post regarding 4 & 5 star hotels, I highlighted the lack of a modern Conference & Events Centre as a disadvantage for Jersey when competing for the lucrative meetings and events market. There are different options available here - including the redevelopment of Fort Regent or the creation of a new landmark building on the Waterfront.

In order to get an idea of the opinion of the industry, I would be really pleased if you would cast your vote in the poll on the right hand side of this page. It only takes a second to vote, so please do so. You can also instantly see how the vote is progressing, by clicking on the results button.

Depending on the response, I'll continue to use this method to gauge opinion on key subjects. Of course, in addition to voting, please feel free to leave feedback to this and any other posting on this site. Thanks.

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Paul Acton-Phillips said...

Hi Robert,

Your blog is a great idea.

If you have some sort of inside info about how blogs work I think that would be of interest to us virgins.

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Paul Acton-Phillips
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