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One issue, more than any other, was being talked about at the Jersey Tourism conference. We had been told that the new website that had taken £250,000 of public money to develop was going to be revealed publicly for the first time.

What we saw was definitely an anti-climax. A few screen shots of certain pages, including the new front page which is now being shared with Business Development and details of how Jersey Tourism plan to start generating revenue from the site through commission charges and affinity schemes. The new commercial face of Tourism as it prepares to become a PPP.

It was a big disappointment for many who were looking forward to seeing the new look to our industry’s most important marketing tool. The site is still not live but can be seen in a beta site – check it out by clicking here. I’ll reserve judgement for the time being and wait until it is properly launched.

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Anonymous said...

Dec 13th. It is even more than not quite.... Go take a look. It is now rolled back to the old blue site now after a couple weeks of the flying banana and lots of technical problems. The new site moved form the testing pages on your link to the main site early December. Now no sign of the new site which suggests a roll back to the old site?

Special offers page vanished a while back and so did the events diary and most of the information pages as well.

Looks like the delights of rolling out a new website with the techies not testing it enough perhaps or the transfer of information has taken longer than planned.

Not a good start especially when people start thinking about next years holidays just after Christmas.