The future's bright....the future's orange!

It's been widely anticipated and much hoped for, but today it's confirmed. Easyjet are to start flying to Jersey in 2008.

Easyjet is Europe's leading low-fares airline and along with Ryanair dominate the market. For almost a decade the island has been wishing that it could be in a position to attract one of the 'big two' to fly to the island. Now that wish has come true and from March next year the famous orange livery will be touching down in Jersey.

Flights from Liverpool, (which has not previously been served by a scheduled airline) commence in March and from London Luton a month later. The Luton route will be operated by an Airbus 319 (similar to that operated by BMI on Heathrow) and Liverpool by a 737-300. The combined capacity is huge - 200,000 extra seats in the first year. Given how successful Thomsonfly were on Luton, Easyjet should have no problems taking up where they left off, whilst Liverpool provides access to a whole new market in the North West and North Wales.

Not surprisingly Philip Ozouf, Alan Maclean & Julian Green are cock-a-hoop. Of course, attracting Easyjet will not have come cheap & more incentive deals will have been struck to secure the routes, but the airline would not have agreed to start flying to Jersey unless they believed there was a strong commercial case for doing so.

Right now the key to achieving continued growth in our industry is having as much access as possible. The arrival of Easyjet is a terrific fillip to us all.


Anonymous said...

Come on Robert -let's hear your views on!

voice of reason said...

I remember reading this item on Easyjet first time around. I am sure there was a sentence in there to the effect that as long as there sre cheap flight airlines we may as well have our share (and therefore if it costs us some incentivisation money, then so be it) - in other words sounding a realistic and future-watching note to the discussion.

Where has this sentence gone? And why was it removed?