Recruitment - new hotels cause headaches for the rest of the industry

Now that the Radisson and Royal Yacht are getting closer to opening their doors (although I still cannot believe that the Yacht will be ready for June!), their recruitment programmes have started in earnest.

Bearing in mind the size of these hotels and the facilities they offer, there must be a requirement for roughly 300 new employees. From reservation staff to kitchen porters, waiters to housekeepers, these hotels need a lot of people to maintain their standards.

So it’s not unexpected to learn that there have already been cases of other hotels losing staff to the new kids on the block. At this stage it appears to be mainly at the managerial level – with one hotel having lost two senior members of their team to The Radisson. I am sure it won’t be long before the lower tiers of management and staff of existing hotels, are under attack.

Of course, you cannot stop people from moving companies. In particular the attraction of working for an internationally branded hotel, such as The Radisson, must be a mouth-watering prospect to many . This year, Jersey… year Cape Town. It means that everyone has to sharpen up their act, work even harder at keeping their teams happy and content with their lot. Nonetheless if and when hotels lose their best people to another hotel, the cost of recruiting and training their replacements is high. The problem is particularly severe within the kitchen brigade – good chefs are like gold dust at the moment.

What about the role of
Jersey Recruitment in all this? They have been awarded the lucrative contract for recruiting the team at The Radisson. The issue is that this company is a division of The Jersey Hospitality Association which represents the whole hospitality industry in the island. Is it right that they should be working to fill one hotel, whilst other members suffer? I am not suggesting that Jersey Recruitment are head-hunting from within the island –that would cause them huge problems. But there is a perception out there that the JHA is acting as poacher and gamekeeper.
The next few months are going to provide some challenges for all Jersey’s hotel managers. Have you lost staff to the new hotels recently? Do you have a view?


Anonymous said...

From your comments, isn't the Jersey Hospitality Association an oxymoron?

All of us have it tough out here. To survive you have to duck and dive with the best of them. And the Seymour group has been particularly adept at this.

The Pomme has a great location, efficient, smiley staff and with the fairly recent rennovation of its cafe, proof that it can successfully respond to modern trends.

The future is not too hard to predict and those who have vision, a creative flair and a passion for their business will find great opportunities.

Wish your leavers well on their way, as they may just decide the other man's grass is not always greener. It's happened before it could happen again.

Local Resident said...

I saw this blog post on tv didn't I? Didn't Channel TV cover the story?