Is it a bird? Is it a flying banana? NO - it's the new Jersey logo!

So finally, after 18 months and some £240,000, it's official. A new brand image for Jersey. The final version has hardly changed at all from the version I saw about a year ago, so I'm not sure what all the consultation achieved.

Anyway, as predicted by Senator Walker, it's a great opportunity for the critics to have a bash. Descriptions ranging from flying bananas to an oil slick (!) have already started to appear on various Jersey forums and I am sure there will be plenty more from where that came from.

I wrote about this back in January - click here to see the post - and expected to see changes from the original, but the design team have stuck firm and presumably the consultations they held with local groups did little to change their thinking.

From my point of view - it works fine. I am particularly pleased to see that 'Life Enriching' has been retained as the strap line. The fact is that this island is rich - in all senses of the world, including financially. Why should we be ashamed of that? Richness brings with it so many benefits - whether as a resident or as a visitor. You don't see Monaco trying to conceal from the world that it's a rich place - so why should we?

So well done to the team responsible. Now we need to get behind the brand and deliver on the promises suggested by 'Life Enriching'. The team that designed this brand produced New Zealand's '100% Pure' idea - if we can enjoy half the success that country has achieved from their new image, then we should be very content.


Anonymous said...

I'm torn. On the one hand this doesn't feel right. A large amount of money and a logo that seems bereft of any real identity. It has all the hallmarks of design by comittee. Maybe there are some lessons to be learned. I hope so.

On the other hand, it's done. Let's move on. No more moping or carping. Everything new needs some time to bed in. And maybe given time we will grow to like it.

Tourism seems to be increasing. World events make people more aware of what is offer on their doorstep and Jersey has a lot to offer. The UK has seen a resurgence in "Seaside" holidays. Maybe it's a cost factor, a feeling of security or nostalgia. Whatever the driver Jersey is prime to welcome it's fair share of visitors.

I spoke to a visitor out side the "Hungry Man" who, with his wife, had spent four days walking around the Island. I asked him how he felt abouit Jersey.
"It's beautiful. We have walked all over the world and this has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It has every thing to offer, from the sandy beaches with clear water to the wild cliff coast and it's views to France.I don't know why I have never been here before. we are definitely coming back."

Not drawn by logo's or marketing just the simple desire to walk around some unspoilt countryside and look at the view. Makes you think.

Anonymous said...

Phil Balderson has an interesting theory behind the design of the new logo. Take a look at his blog

Richard said...

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Hello all!
I haven`t seen the new logo of new jersey until now, I think it doen`t looks like a banana.... Perhaps a bird, but I am not sure of that