Display your menus - or get your collar felt!

Attention all restaurant, bar and hotel owners! You are possibly breaking the law and liable to a fine of up to £500 plus £50 per day for each day during which the offence continues. Why? Because you are not displaying outside your premises a copy of all your price lists and menus.

Section 50, paragraph (d) of the Licensing (Jersey) Law 1974 states: 'The holder of the licence shall keep displayed at the exterior and in close proximity to each entrance to the licensed premises normally used by the public, and in each room or other place in which meals or refreshments are normally served, in a conspicuous position where it may be seen and easily read by customers, a notice specifying the charges made for meals and refreshments, other than intoxicating liquor, served on the premises and keep every such notice displayed at the exterior of the premises illuminated where necessary for it to be easily readable by customers'

So if your hotel has a number of bars and/or restaurants you need to display a copy of each menu and bar tariff, not only at the entrance to each outlet but at the entrance to the hotel.

I carried out a random check around St Helier and I reckon at least half of licensed premises are breaking the law. So get printing - or your wallet could be £500+ lighter! You have been warned.

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