Time for a break.....and some serious thinking!

I'm off on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks and needless to say I can't wait. I don't think I am the only one who needs a break either- more on this in a moment.

Firstly, let's deal with my last post, which seems to have caused some ructions. Yesterday, at the JHA lunch, Deputy Alan MacLean specifically denied that Jersey Tourism had any plans to introduce an integrated booking engine into their new website. That's great news for existing operators who I understand questioned Tourism directly about the issue. However, I actually believe an integrated booking engine is a good idea and should be explored further. In the past week, Ryanair have announced a partnership with Expedia to sell flight+hotel+ extras packages and most people in the industry, including those who have traditionally distributed product through off-line channels, agree that the future lies in online packaging where the customer can pick and choose the elements.
Anyway, I am sure this topic will be covered again in the future. Before I close I wanted to deal with another issue relating to this blog. Yesterday I was referred to (I think half-jokingly!) as a stirrer and 'Public enemy No. 1' for raising issues such as the one referred to above. It seems Jersey Tourism are upset with my approach and would rather I did not post blogs that create reactions. Even more extraordinary is that employees of Jersey Tourism are not allowed to respond to the blog, due to an edict from government. This effectively stifles debate and discussion with our major partner.

Just so that everyone understands:

1) This blog expresses my own views - it does not represent the views of any company or organisation with which I am associated.
2) I use it to raise what I believe are important and relevant issues in our industry. That does not mean that everyone else will think they are important and those that do not find the blog relevant to them, will stop reading it.
3) If people disagree with me - then say so! If your company or organisation is sufficiently paranoid to prevent you from doing so, then you can always post a response at home and you can do it anonymously.
4) Above all - I run this blog because I enjoy it. Call me a stirrer or whatever else you like, but be brave enough to post your comments here, not mutter in corners to whoever will listen.

I need a holiday. See you mid-April. Happy Easter!


Local Resident said...

Reading your post made me feel that my decision to write under a pseudonym was the correct decision to have made.

Kevin Keen said...

Rob enjoy your holiday but please keep blogging. We need the debate and should all be big enough to take and deal with criticism.
The tourist industry has a positive impact on everyone in Jersey, residents, retailers,restaurants, utilities, the treasury, everyone. We need to see the industry growing again and fast.
I am amazed that EDD would not want to participate and respond if you are right or wrong. Can this really be true?

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that EDD have decided to stifle their thoughts of those that it employs. If anything you report needs correcting then they should be free to do so. You are only stimulating debate which the JHA should have been doing for a long time.

What your blog has done is highlight the ineffectual nature of this body. Quite what is their purpose and why on earth they need their own PR agency baffles me.

I'd be delighted to be corrected. Oh and by the way organising a al unch and christmas drinks doesn't count.

By they way - thanks for letting us know you are on holiday. I'm off to burgle your house.