Jersey Tourism's 2007 campaign - is it working?

The short answer is we don't know. Why? Because Jersey Tourism haven't told us. 6 weeks ago the first 'Closer to Home' commercial went live. We all thought, me included, that it was a great commercial and properly targeted should deliver good results.

So how are we all doing so far? The poll I ran last month suggests that we're all having a pretty good year, but this is totally at odds with all the anecdotal evidence I have gathered. I haven't spoken to anyone who as told me that forward sales for 2007 are better than last year. On the contrary the feedback so far tells me that January was a very poor month - with sales 10-15% down on the same month in 2006. February has been better - on a par or slightly better than last year for most, but not making much impact on the January deficit.

Jersey Tourism introduced a new Forward Booking Survey for accommodation suppliers in January this year, but so far we have only seen one set of results and anyway we cannot compare data against last year so that's not much help.
Which leaves the Jersey Tourism advertising campaign. I would like to know:
  • Has the target market response to the campaign been positive?
  • Are enquiry levels up or down?
  • What about website visits?
  • How are the various partner campaigns performing?

As an industry we are reliant upon this campaign to generate interest in coming to Jersey - interest that we can then convert into sales. So come on Tourism - talk to your industry and tell us how you see things right now.

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